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WebRTC. Your web browser supports it (or soon will). Let's use GStreamer to stream with web browsers!

A look into the concepts of WebRTC, the current ecosystem, and a showcase of a new native implementation for transporting media adhering to the WebRTC specifications covering a wide variety of use cases from peer-to-peer streaming, gateways, and streaming servers.

Matthew Waters is the principal maintainer of the OpenGL integration with GStreamer from the start of GStreamer 1.x and has integrated GStreamer's OpenGL library with many other decoding, encoding and rendering technologies. He's also played around extensively with Vulkan, a new high-performance, cross-platform 3D graphics API. Lately he's been working on a new WebRTC stack for GStreamer.

Matthew is a Multimedia and Graphics developer for Centricular Ltd, an Open Source consultancy focusing on GStreamer, embedded systems and cross-platform multimedia and graphics.