Preparing Gstreamer for high packet-rate video streaming

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As the broadcast and film industry moves towards IP-based workflows such as SDI-over-IP, with ever-increasing video resolutions, frame rates and pixel depths, data rates in the tens of Gbps and packet rates in the hundreds of thousands if not millions are no longer inconceivable, but rather inevitable.

Similarly, the emergence of RTP-based WebRTC as de-facto standard for live streaming to web browsers means streaming media at high bitrates to hundreds or thousands of clients will be increasingly common or in demand.

This poses challenges pretty much everywhere in the multimedia pipeline, from capture to processing to sending.

This talk will look at the demands of processing media streams with a very high packet rate in GStreamer and will propose some solutions.

Tim is a GStreamer core developer and maintainer, and backseat release manager. He works for Centricular Ltd, an Open Source consultancy with a focus on GStreamer, cross-platform multimedia and graphics, and embedded systems. Tim lives in Bristol, UK.