GStreamer is in the air

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It's everywhere you look around. At least, everywhere I look around - I may be atypical.

In 2013, I gave a presentation titled "My GStreamer-Enabled Home". Since the conference is re-visiting the past this year in Prague, I thought I would too. So this year, I'm talking about a bunch of best ways I've used or seen people using GStreamer.

Come along and see how GStreamer is in the air, in every sight and every sound (*) (**)

* Apologies to John Paul Young.

** GStreamer may not actually be in every sight and every sound (yet).

Jan Schmidt has been a GStreamer developer and maintainer since 2002. He is responsible for GStreamer's DVD support, and primary author of the Aurena home-area media player. He lives in Albury, Australia and keeps sheep, chickens, ducks and more fruit trees than is sensible. In 2013 he co-founded Centricular - a consulting company for Open Source multimedia and graphics development.