Of GStreamer, containers, QA and fuzzing

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While some would say that containers are just "yet-another" linux system, the way they are used and the opportunities involved provide interesting challenges for the GStreamer project.

In this talk, we will go over how the re-usability, reproducibility and fast startup time of containers help the GStreamer project. In a first step we will look at the maintainer/contributor side of things, with the Continuous Integration setup and providing high(er) Quality Assurance. This will essentially see how one can automate as much as possible with containers to provide easier/faster testing environment and regression detection.

In a second step we will go over what is needed to make the most out of containers, such as providing the smallest container possible for GStreamer-based projects. This will dabble into static builds, re-using 3rd party libraries and the pitfalls encountered along the way. One of the example we will go over is how to integrate into the google oss-fuzz project.

Edward Hervey has been contributing to the GStreamer project for the past 14 years, from core components to high-level projects such as the pitivi video editor. Currently a Senior Engineer at Centricular, he has helped numerous clients in current and past companies to make the most out of GStreamer in various areas. He is currently in charge of Continuous Integration and overseeing QA infrastructure for the GStreamer project.