Photobooth: An exemplary multi-disciplinary project

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A Photobooth is an automatic unit that takes photos with a DSLR camera, shows a preview on a touchscreen and allows users to print them. The Schaffenburg Hackerspace designed and built such a machine from scratch.

In this presentation, I will talk about our motivation for starting such a big hobbyist project. Covered topics include:

  • evaluation + selection of the used hardware and software components
  • building the wooden case and 3d-printing parts
  • using Arduino for effect lighting
  • setting up the camera and external flash
  • focus on the gstreamer- / gtk-based software
  • demonstration
  • problems and prospects


Andreas aka "Fraxinas" in the FOSS world, graduated from the University of Applied Sciences in Aschaffenburg with a degree in electrical engineering and information technology. Formerly employed by Dream Multimedia, the company which released the first Linux-based STB called "Dreambox", he now works for SMT, with their Live Video Cloud. Specialized in Embedded Linux, GStreamer programming and streaming. Founding member of Aschaffenburg's Repair Café and monthly television appearance as the "Repairfox" in Germany's ARD Buffet. Passionately tinkering in the Schaffenburg Hacker/Makerspace. LGBT Youth activist, musician and Japanese learner.