Media Source Extension on Webkit

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The Media Source Extensions HTML5 specification allows JavaScript to generate media streams for playback and lets the web page have more control on complex use cases such as adaptive streaming.

This talk starts with a brief introduction about the motivation and basic usage of MSE. Next we will show a design overview of the WebKit implementation of the spec. Then we'll go through the iterative evolution of the GStreamer platform-specific parts, as well as its implementation quirks and challenges faced during the development. The talk continues with a demo, some clues about the future work and a final round of questions.

Enrique is a Software Engineer at Igalia with experience in multimedia, open source web engines and embedded devices. He has several contributions to the WebKit and GStreamer projects and has been working for 3 years on topics related multimedia in GStreamer-based WebKit ports, with a special focus on Media Source Extensions.