Lightning Talks

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Lightning talks are short talks by different speakers about a range of different issues. We have the following talks scheduled so far (in no particular order):


* GStreamer-sharp: the revival of our .net bindings - Thibault Saunier, Samsung

* GStreamer and OpenCV using a GstOpenCV element Angel Phillips, RidgeRun

* A big year for Video4Linux2 support in GStreamer - Nicolas Dufresne, Collabora

* GStreamer debugging device for robot vision - Hermann Stamm-Wilbrandt

* GstGPGPU - GstCUDA and GstOpenCL - Angel Phillips, RidgeRun

* Playbin3/decodebin3 status update - Edward Hervey, Centricular

* RTP Bundle Support - Håvard Graff, Pexip

* ipcpipeline - Split a pipeline into multiple processes George Kiagiadakis, Collabora

* GStreamer support for RTSP protocol version 2.0 (the first implementation ever!) - Thibault Saunier, Samsung

* GstPriQueue - Erlend Graff, Pexip

* DAMPAT: Dynamic Adaptation of Multimedia Presentations in Application Mobility  - Francisco Velázquez, University of Oslo

* gst-debugger is still a thing! - Marcin Kolny, Amazon

* Pitivi 1.0 finally on sight! - Thibault Saunier, Samsung

* Using GStreamer for UAV Computer Vision Applications in Consumer and Commercial Spaces - Braden Scothern and Matt Stoker, Teal Drones

* Alternative RTMP implementation Jan Alexander Steffens, 

* A source element for Android Camera 2 NDK API - Justin Kim, Collabora