Lightning talks

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Lightning talks are short talks by different speakers about a range of different issues. We have the following talks scheduled so far (in no particular order):

  • gst-mfx, gst-msdk and the Intel Media SDK: an update (provisional title) <small>
    Haihao Xiang, Intel</small>
  • Improved flexibility and stability in GStreamer V4L2 support <small>
    Nicolas Dufresne, Collabora</small>
  • GstQTOverlay <small>
    Carlos Aguero, RidgeRun</small>
  • Documenting GStreamer <small>
    Mathieu Duponchelle, Centricular</small>
  • GstCUDA <small>
    Jose Jimenez-Chavarria, RidgeRun</small>
  • GstWebRTCBin in the real world <small>
    Mathieu Duponchelle, Centricular</small>
  • Servo and GStreamer <small>
    Víctor Jáquez, Igalia</small>
  • Interoperability between GStreamer and DirectShow <small>
    Stéphane Cerveau, Fluendo</small>
  • Interoperability between GStreamer and FFMPEG <small>
    Marek Olejnik, Fluendo</small>
  • Encrypted Media Extensions with GStreamer in WebKit <small>
    Xabier Rodríguez Calvar, Igalia</small>
  • DataChannels in GstWebRTC <small>
    Matthew Waters, Centricular</small>
  • Me TV – a journey from C and Xine to Rust and GStreamer, via D <small>
    Russel Winder</small>
  • GStreamer pipeline on webOS OSE <small>
    Jimmy Ohn (온용진), LG Electronics</small>
  • ...and many more