Discovering Video4Linux CODECs

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As Video4Linux gain support for stateful and stateless CODECs, it is important to have an elegant mechanism to enumerate available CODECs and register GStreamer elements.

This talk will be presented by Ezequiel Garcia and Nicolas Dufresne. Ezequiel will present the Linux Kernel Video4Linux media controller and CODEC APIs and how we can improve the dynamic enumeration of CODEC capabilities. Nicolas will explain how GStreamer Video4linux plugin can leverage these APIs to dynamically expose these CODECs as GStreamer elements.

Nicolas Dufresne is a Principal Multimedia Engineer at Collabora. Based in Montréal, he was initially a generalist developer with background in STB development. Nicolas started in 2011 contributing to GStreamer Multimedia Framework adding infrastructure and primitives to support accelerated upload of buffers to GL textures. Today, Nicolas is implicated in both GStreamer and Linux Media communities to help create a solid support for CODEC on Linux.

Ezequiel is a software engineer. With 15 years of experience, Ezequiel has been an active Linux Kernel contributor since 2012, and maintains two Video4linux drivers. From 2015 to 2018, Ezequiel worked for a cloud video surveillance company, working on GStreamer-based applications. In 2018, he joined Collabora as a Senior Core Engineer, where he currently works on Video4Linux CODECs.