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Since last year's presentation about the existence of Rust bindings for GStreamer a lot has happened. Bigger parts of the GStreamer API is covered by the bindings now, many parts of the bindings API were refactored to be easier to use and there were of course also changes to the infrastructure for writing GStreamer plugins in Rust. An overview of the most important changes since last year will be given in this presentation, as well as a (very short!) overview of how GStreamer can be used from Rust and why you should consider that for your next project. Sebastian Dröge (slomo) is a Free Software developer and one of the GStreamer maintainers and core developers. He has been involved with the project since more than 10 years now. He also contributes to various other Free Software projects, like Debian, Rust, GNOME and WebKit. While finishing his master's degree in computer sciences at the University of Paderborn in Germany, he started working as a contractor for GStreamer and related technologies. Sebastian is one of the founders of Centricular, a company providing consultancy services, where he's working from his new home in Greece on improving GStreamer and the Free Software ecosystem in general. Apart from multimedia related topics, Sebastian has an interest in digital signal processing, programming languages, machine learning, network protocols and distributed systems.