GStreamer for cloud-based live video handling.

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The BBC is increasing the amount of live streaming on its website and apps. From breaking news to music events, there is a huge amount the BBC can offer that’s not on its TV channels. But a solution to do so must be simple, flexible, cost-effective, and highly scalable. And that’s where GStreamer fits in perfectly.

We at the BBC have been investigating how GStreamer could play a central role in remotely handling live streams. Live video can be easily sent to the cloud, and from there distributed to an audience. The key requirement is control - being able to see, preview, mix, and forward the live stream, without the need for traditional broadcast kit. If this can be achieved on the cloud, then flexible and highly scalable stream manipulation becomes possible. This talk is our experiences of using GStreamer to do this, and our hopes to soon do so at the BBC in production.

Matthew Clark leads the architecture for many of the BBC¹s websites and apps. He¹s overseen the design and operation of some of the BBC¹s biggest online events, including the Olympic Games and UK elections. He lives in Manchester, England.

Luke Moscrop is a software engineer within the BBC Live team. Having first started combing video and software engineering during university student TV and has now doing the same but at one of the worlds largest broadcasters. He is also based at the BBC’s Media City offices in Salford, Greater Manchester.