Video Filters and their Applications

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Video filtering is not only for noise removal and enhancement but it also has a huge number of applications. Application can range from simple effects which work on player or camera like sketch, paper camera to advanced uses of AR applications, high speed filtering for sports mode, camera effects.

High speed filtering has become very important too these days due to the introduction of High frame rate cameras on mobile phones.

This talk will cover some of the most popular filtering techniques including convolution and some of the practical use cases which are already in use. This talk will also cover the challenges faced in terms of memory requirements and CPU usage and quality of output. Finally we will see the near term possibilities of these filters.

Sanjay currently works for Samsung Research India in Bangalore. He has a masters degree in computer science. He has around 14 years of experience in the field of Multimedia. He has worked on various Samsung Mobile phones which range from SHP, Bada to Android and has implemented several multimedia features and applications for Samsung Mobiles, is currently working on Tizen Multimedia and contributing to GStreamer Open Source. Tizen Multimedia is mostly based on GStreamer.