Hardware Accelerated Multimedia on Jacinto 6 using Gstreamer framework

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 Performance is an inevitable factor for any product. In software world we quantize performance by time and efficient use of memory. To improve the time factor the best solution is to use hardware for computations. TI's J6 SoC has a dedicated IP called IVA-HD for hardware accelerated decode and encode. There is another IP called VPE which takes care of de-interlacing, scaling, colorspace conversion, cropping etc. Efficient use of memory is also interleaved with using hardware of accelerated multimedia. Gstreamer framework gives the flexibility to change the buffer allocation strategy for each plugin. The technique of dmabuf is used to share the buffer memory between hardware and userspace. To improve the performance the allocated buffers can be re-used provided the fd values associated with the buffer is stored as a metadata. The pipelines and buffer flow between plugins depends on the use-case.

Pooja Prajod has been working for Texas Instruments, India Pvt Ltd. since July 2014. Pooja is 24 years old and did her bachelors in Computer Science and Engineering from NIT Calicut, India. She handles GLSDK multimedia components with module ownership of J6 GStreamer deliverables, and before that handled the TI gstreamer plugin migration from 0.10 to 1.2. Pooja loves reading sci-fi books and travelling.