Time lapse and stabilizing a sequence of images

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Time lapse and stabilising a sequence of images, Guillame Emont, Igalia
Guillaume Emont has been playing around on various things related to multimedia (Elisa/Moovida, Pigment, Grilo and of course GStreamer) in the Free software world for a few years and enjoys it a lot. He is now proudly part of the awesome group of hackers known as Igalia.
When he doesn't hack on software, he enjoys discussing with like-minded people around a drink or a good meal, various outdoor sports in and around sunny Barcelona, or trying to take photos from above using helium balloons, among many other things.
Talk Abstract
The topic for this talk was encountered when trying to make a time lapse film with a camera attached to a tethered helium balloon high above.
This talk will introduce the issues of stabilising a sequence of images. It will mainly focus on "discreet" sequences of images (time lapses, stop motion) but will have many bits relevant to more typical continous-ish videos.
It will introduce some methods to solve that problem, and various benefits of having these methods in GStreamer, so that they are available to solve other related problems (such as following an object, movement detection, automated compositing or 3D reconstruction).
Of course, there will be cool demos, hopefully featuring stunning aerial pictures getting transformed into a smooth video.