Latest developments in Pulse Audio

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Latest developments in Pulse Audio, Arun Raghavan, Collabora

Arun Raghavan is a long-time open source supporter and contributor. He hacks on PulseAudio and GStreamer at Collabora. He also wrote large parts of the gupnp-dlna library, and is a developer on the Gentoo Linux distribution.

Talk Abstract

The last year has seen several interesting developments in the world of PulseAudio. A 1.0 release is around the corner, bringing a large number of features and bug fixes. This talk will cover an overview of the new features and improvements that are on the horizon.

In particular, I will cover passthrough support that was recently added to PulseAudio and the corresponding changes that were made in GStreamer to make for a (nearly) seamless passthrough experience on the desktop.