Case study - Broadcast and Web Streaming with Gstreamer

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GStreamer in Broadcast and Web Streaming, David Schleef, Entropy Wave

David Schleef is the founder and CEO of Entropy Wave, a San Francisco based company providing products and services that enable its customers to use open video technology such as WebM and Ogg/Theora for archival, professional editing, broadcasting, and content distribution. David has been an active member in the open source community for 15 years, working most recently on projects such as GStreamer, a cross-platform multimedia framework, the Dirac video codec, and various projects.

Talk Abstract

A case study looking at the development of Entropy Wave's E1000 Multi-format Live Encoder. The E1000 takes a live video feed from a variety of sources, processes and encodes the video to WebM, H.264, and Ogg/Theora, and streams to a wide variety of devices and browsers. The E1000 is based on an embedded Linux system that uses GStreamer for media handling, including capture, processing, encoding, and web streaming. The project required creating or improving several GStreamer components, such as HD-SDI and HDMI capture elements, improved video scaling, and an HTTP streaming server framework, much of which is open source. Much humor will be derived from the project's pitfalls, wrong turns, and dead ends.