How to contribute to GStreamer

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Contributing to the GStreamer project is easier than you might think; the community is very welcoming.

The GStreamer community is spread over 6 continents and coming from a multitude of companies and backgrounds. How does this diverse group push together for the common goal of making GStreamer even better release after release? Luis will share who the community is, how it operates, the tools used and more behind-the-scenes information, with the aim to give you a running start to help you join and contribute.

Just like Soylent Green, GStreamer is people.

Luis de Bethencourt is a freedom-loving technocrat, who currently works for Samsung's Open Source Group in London. He has always enjoyed programming and playing around with video, so since he discovered GStreamer 5 years ago he's been hooked. Originally from the Canary Islands, computers felt like a door to the world. Luis saw open source software as the best way to enter the innovative technology community, see how it all works, and become a part of it. He enjoys being in front of the screen, behind the screen, Friday beers, Sunday ice-creams, walks in the park, and people who read bios to the end.