GStreamer Conference 2011 > GStreamer, Webkit, HTML5 and Real-Time Communication

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GStreamer, Webkit, HTML5 and Real-Time Communication, Jonas Lundberg, Ericsson

Jonas Lundberg is a senior researcher at Ericsson Research with over ten years of experience in multimedia research. His research interests include real-time multimedia services and web technologies. He has a master's degree in Computer Science from Luleå University of Technology, Sweden.


Talk Abstract

Through emerging web standards, it will soon be possible to build web applications with support for real-time voice and video communication without the need for proprietary browser plug-ins. Ericsson Research has developed an early prototype in WebKit with support for a sub-set of WHATWGs "Web Real-Time Communication APIs" specification. This talk will focus on how these APIs have been realized using WebKit and GStreamer. In the end a demonstration will be given showing how easy it is for web developers to integrate video conferencing into their applications.