GStreamer and Farsight

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GStreamer and Farstream, the easy way, Youness Alaoui, Collabora
I'm a Software Developer working for Collabora for the past 4 years. I've worked mostly as a VoIP/Streaming expert on various technologies like GStreamer and Farsight. I'm the maintainer of libnice, a NAT-Traversal library implementing the ICE specification. In my free time, I'm the project leader of the aMSN Messenger client, as well as founder of the PSFreedom, PL3 and PS3MFW projects.
Talk Abstract
GStreamer can be complicated to work with and needs a steep learning curve. It's also quite difficult to do dynamic pipeline modifications without a lot of code and careful tinkering. Farsight is a framework providing GStreamer elements that provide a VoIP stack, but it's a lengthy and difficult process to use Farsight in order to build a fully fledged VoIP Application.
In this talk, Youness will first discuss GstFilters, a very simple to use library that makes it easy to write complex and dynamic GStreamer pipelines in very few lines of code. He will then talk about Farsight-Utils, a convenience library that builds the whole GStreamer pipelines for you, handles the Farsight interaction and provides developers with a simple API that gives them access to all the features they'd need to build a complete and full-featured VoIP application in just a few minutes, without sacrificing the control and customization provided by the Farsight API.
Farsight-Utils uses GstFilters and provides the user access to multiple GstFilterManagers so they can customize the pipeline however they want. In under 100 lines of C code, a complete VoIP application can be written which supports displaying the sound level, control the volume as well as display a preview window for the video call, maybe even provide the option to record the call to a file.