GstPlayer - a simple cross-platform API for all your media playback needs

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Many applications need the ability to play back audio or video media in one way or another, and somehow integrate this media playback into their user interface. While GStreamer allows us to do that since 15 years now, it was never an easy task to do and especially much harder than on other platforms like Microsoft's MediaFoundation, Apple's AVFoundation and Android's MediaPlayer API. Adding cross-platform, GStreamer based playback to an application usually meant writing tens of hundreds of lines of code.

And this is where GstPlayer comes into play. It provides you with a simple media playback API that hides all the GStreamer details you don't want to worry about and allows you to write a simple "Hello World" playback application in less than 10 lines of code. On the other hand it also provides you with all API a full-features media playback application would need. This includes an API for all the basic playback operations (play, pause, seek, ...), media information, trick modes, audio visualization, subtitles and a simple video embedding API for embedding video into the application's user interface. And if all that is not enough, you still have access to the low-level GStreamer API and can customize everything.

In this talk I will introduce GstPlayer and give an overview of its API, the already existing features and the future plans, including integration into GStreamer. This will be followed by some time for questions and discussions.

If you write an application that needs to do media playback in some way, this talk is for you. Get an idea of GstPlayer and let's discuss if anything is missing to make GstPlayer the solution for your application.

The current status of the code can be found at

Sebastian Dröge is a Free Software developer and one of the GStreamer maintainers and core developers. He has been involved with the project for almost 10 years now. He also contributes to various other Free Software projects, like Debian, GNOME and WebKit. While finishing his degree in computer sciences at the University of Paderborn in Germany, he started working as a contractor for GStreamer and related technologies.

Nowadays Sebastian is working at Centricular, a company providing consultancy services around GStreamer and Free Software in general.

Apart from multimedia related topics, Sebastian has an interest in digital signal processing, programming languages, machine learning, network protocols and distributed systems.