Decodebin3, or dealing with modern playback use-cases

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decodebin2 (decodebin in 1.x) is 10 years old. While it did serve its purpose, there are a number of limitations in regards to handling modern use-cases, features that are in playbin that should be present in decodebin, non-optimal memory usage, and so forth. This talk might include apologies from the original decodebin2 author *cough*.

After looking at the current design and limitation of stream handling in general, and decodebin2 in particular, we will look at at proposal for a new way of handling stream listing, stream selection, how this help with having predictable behaviour and drop all 0.10-ism that still remain in decodebin2.

The new design will allow reducing cpu/memory usage by only using the decoders actually needed, re-use decoders when switching streams (where possible), and better deal with adaptive streaming and dynamic MPEG-TS use-cases in general, amongst other things.

Edward Hervey has been contributing for over 12 years to GStreamer, ending up there after starting the PiTiVi video editor and then maintaining various components over the years. After having started Collabora Multimedia in 2007, attempting to go on sabbatical, and doing various freelancing, Edward Hervey is currently a part-time consultant for Centricular.