3D Cameras in GStreamer: RGB-D Camera Support and Depth Video Compression

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Since the release of the famous Kinect camera in 2010 3D, Depth or RGB-D cameras have enjoyed great popularity in the research robotics and tinkering scene. The recent excitement around autonomous driving, as well new(-ish) additions such as the Intel Realsense camera series and the new Azure Kinect are bringing 3D data into the professional and industrial space. New 3D cameras are popping up like weeds, often with their own interfaces based on their own standards and proprietary libs. What all of them have in common is the vast amount of data being generated, lacking effective tools for compression. This talk introduces our work on the open source `realsensesrc`, `k4asrc` as well as `rgbd` caps interface and our proprietary depth compression - developed using the GStreamer Rust bindings. Raphael is tech lead for Aivero, where he and his colleagues are building services for scaling depth video in industrial robotics applications. He is a fan of GStreamer on Rust and the conan package manager.