Which Network Streaming Protocol Should I Pick?

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GStreamer now implements a large number of different ways to GStreamer audio & video over a network. Just to name a few, there are RTSP, SRT, RIST, WebRTC, HLS, DASH, AES67, SmoothStreaming, RTMP! Depending on the use-case, these protocols have different upsides and downsides. To create a successful project, one needs to select the best suited technology. I'll go over the various protocols and explain how they relate to each other and their individual advantages and inconveniences. Olivier Crête has been involved in free software since 2000. He has been involved in GNOME since 2003 and in Gentoo from 2003 to 2012. He currently works for Collabora, where he leads the multimedia team. He's been an active GStreamer developer since 2007, first working on VoIP and video calls, but lately he's been working on all kinds of multimedia projects.