Revisiting RTP Jitter Buffer Timers

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The rtpjitterbufer in GStreamer serves a major role in any type or RTP receivers, but is often by far the highest CPU consumer. In this talk, Nicolas will tell his journey through unknown fields that eventually lead to a major rework of the RTP Jitter Buffer timer code. This talk is addressed toward developers interested in efficient multi-threaded application and the importance of a good design to avoid scheduling performance traps. RTP knowledge is optional. Nicolas Dufresne is a Principal Multimedia Engineer at Collabora. Based in Montréal, he was initially a generalist developer with background in STB development. Nicolas started in 2011 contributing to GStreamer Multimedia Framework adding infrastructure and primitives to support accelerated upload of buffers to GL textures. Today, Nicolas is implicated in both GStreamer and Linux Media communities to help create a solid support for CODEC on Linux.