gstreamermm: C++ way of doing Gstreamer-based applications

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This talk presents a brief introduction to gstreamermm - a C++ interface for the GStreamer framework, developed as a part of gtkmm project. I'll shortly describe fundamental concepts of gstreamermm interface like smart pointers, signals, error handling, point out differences between C and C++ API, I'll also tell few words about benefits that come with using gstreamermm along with the C++(11) codebase: convenient API for GStreamer data structures (e.g. GstStructure, GstMessage, GstCaps etc.), easy way of connecting to signals using lambda expressions or class methods, and more.

I'll present, how can we avoid boilerplate in our code and develop GStreamer plugins using native C++ language mechanisms (like inheritance, polymorphism) and demonstrate how can we write simple GStreamer element.

At the end, I'd like to share the development plan for the next release.

Marcin is a software development engineer at Microsoft. Last year he graduated from the university with a master degree in computer science. In his free time, Marcin contributes to several open source projects. For a few years he's been being also member of GNOME Foundation, where maintains gstreamermm library and gst-debugger application, and also contributes to some other (mostly C++ related) projects.

Marcin's started using GStreamer framework couple of years ago in his previous job, where he was responsible for delivering video library for UAV system.