GStreamer, Windows UWP, and Firefox on the HoloLens 2

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Mozilla is releasing Firefox for the Microsoft HoloLens 2 under the name "Firefox Reality". This is actually Servo, which is written in Rust and uses GStreamer under the hood for all multimedia (MSE, WebAudio, WebRTC, etc).

In this talk, you'll get to hear about the work I've been doing on the GStreamer side of things to make that possible. The primary challenge was porting GStreamer and GLib to the Universal Windows Platform, also known as Windows Runtime, which deprecates almost all Win32 API.

Nirbheek Chauhan writes software and hacks on GStreamer for a living and for fun. His other software-side inclinations include GNOME, the Meson build system, and diversification (go say hi and ask him what he means by that!