Building a Crowdsourced News Service with GStreamer

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GlobalM is a news and sports content crowdsourcing service. Our live and file based services are heavily based on GStreamer. GlobalM uses GStreamer in the following ways: Mobile: running a GStreamer pipeline on both Android and iOS for live streaming using SRT Streaming Gateway: GStreamer is used to redistribute live streams to GlobalM customers in our cloud environment Transcoding pipelines: all live streams are transcoded to HLS for previewing within the GlobalM applications as well as being transcoded to high quality files for later download. Files uploaded to GlobalM are transcoded and published to the platform as preview, proxy or high quality file downloads. We would like to present the use cases for GStreamer in the GlobalM platform, how we have used GStreamer to meet our end to end media workflow requirements, what challenges we have faced, and what shortcomings we see that are still to be solved for GStreamer. Paul Calleja graduated from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology with a diploma of Audiovisual systems in 2003. Paul has worked for many leading broadcasting networks including the BBC, Sky and the EBU. Now CTO and Co-Founder of GlobalM, a news and sports crowdsourcing application with professional live and file based delivery methods built in. Mart Raudsepp is an IT consultant and open source enthusiast from Estonia. He contributes to various projects including Gentoo Linux, GStreamer, and GNOME.